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> From: Fadel [mailto:fadel@siteplanet.com.br]
> Sent: Tuesday 19 November 2002 16:05
> To: "debian-security@lists.debian.org"@plutao.siteplanet.com.br
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> Hi there,
> I got a trouble in my network while trying to block Kazaa.
> I tried to drop port 1214 with this rule:
> iptables -A FORWARD --dport 1214 -j DROP
> but this doesn't work. so I did sniffing to see what kind of 
> packets and
> ports kazaa uses and I saw that it searches for servers in 
> different ports.
> later, I read in various texts around the net, but all 
> recommend to block
> port 1214 and kazaa site. this probably worked in version 1.
> how could I block kazaa, since I need accept connections in 
> high ports?

You need not accept connections on high ports.
Use netfilter connection tracking , especially ESTABLISHED and RELATED
http://www.netfilter.org has docs for that.

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