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VPN question


 I must create a VPN between an external company and a server behind my


 Workers from this company ONLY MUST have access to the server in the VPN.
 Perhaps some of them must have access to internet.... only perhaps..

 The contents of this server are mainly WEB, so workers ONLY use browsers
(surely windows explorer) to access to the server.....

 I do NOT know any about connection nor router of this company yet, but i
must prepare the VPN.......

 Firewall and server (in my side) are Debian Woody.


 * How to implement this VPN???
 * Software to use (free and/or Open source)
 * is it better to install a Debian Server/Firewall in this company to make
   things easy????

 Any tips/help would be apreciate......

 Thanks in advance.......

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