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Re: slapper countermeasures


you want to use a backdoor to get access a server, on which you are not
allowed to get access.  [...]

I know this can rise problems. We recently had a discussion like this which showed up good arguments for both sides. Asking a lawyer won't be of much help because they can't know the laws of every part of the world.

That's the damned thing at the internet. You are not allowed to defend yourself against obvious malicious programs. Yes, I understand the arguments of the server owners. But on the other hand: their server already has been infected. I see a easy chance to close the hole again, which might prevent becoming the server a part of a huge (and illegal) attack against another site. I don't cause more problems than there have been before.

I know this is a problematic point of view, and I guess this could lead to another long discussion. So, let's forget about the idea, for the sake of the list and the readers that don't want to get another flood of mails of this kind :))

i already made some bad hedrivings a few years ago with something like

But one thing I would like to know: what do you mean with "hedrivings"? :)

Bye, Mike

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