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Postgres buffer overflow in stable .

Hello all,

The bug 155419 opened 37 days old point to a serious security issue with postgres
as i can lead to DOS from local users or worst, make non-serious SQL  / perl / php
bugs worst (from non exploitable to DOS capable). As far as i can see, Oliver tried
to upload 7.2.2-X in woody and i suppose it have been properly refused by ftpmaster
and even worst was not uploaded as a security update. 

So, What the ? As far as i can see, the port of the fixes to 7.2.1 should not be a major
issue. Could anything beeing done for this ? I can make the packages if needed.


-> Jean-Francois Dive
--> jef@linuxbe.org

  There is no such thing as randomness.  Only order of infinite
  complexity.  - _The Holographic Universe_, Michael Talbot

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