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Re: "suspicious" apache log entries

* Quoting Erik Rossen (rossen@freesurf.ch):

> Imagine instead a car that is always unlocked and is used nightly by
> hooligans when they go joy-riding.

That's why leaving a car unlocked is illegal in
Germany. On the other hand, you still need the key
to start it and a hooligan wouldn't mind braking
the window, anyway.

> The warning message + lockup technique is more like leaving a note
> behind the wind-shield of the car and locking its doors.  In the real
> world, such behavior might be called "being a concerned citizen".

The 'silver bullet' as described above is taking
down TCP-Stack, bringing down the whole server
with impacts on other services as well. That's
more like stealing the tyres of the car. 

Looking up the maintainer of that server in the
whois-db and sending an email would be the
'concerned citizen' approach.

- rk

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