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"suspicious" apache log entries

Hi all.

While digging through the error.log of my apache I found two lines that seem to hint toward a new (?) worm. I saw the first one some days ago, too:

[Sat Aug 31 21:03:49 2002] [error] [client] request failed: erroneous characters after protocol string: CONNECT mailb.microsoft.com:25 / HTTP/1.0

Looks like there is someone trying to abuse a proxy to connect to a SMTP server?

The second is a new one (which means I never saw it before). It appears several times in the log, below I quoted the first appearance:

[Sat Sep 7 05:33:20 2002] [error] [client] Client sent malformed Host header

Any idea what type of attack these lines give a hint about? I think Apache is safe here, this most probably would be an attack against IIS or something like that. But I would like to learn a little more about those ones...

Bye, Mike

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