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Re: Permissions Required On hosts.allow ?

> I come to the Land Of Unix from mainframes, where I used to earn my
> crust.  The mainframes had a tight security lockdown from out of the
> box (or truck, as the case usually was of course :).

I kind of guessed as much.  Yours is not an usual desire.
> I'd be very interested to hear about any such options in the Linux
> world.  AFAIK, Linux ACL facilities are still experimental
> (http://packages.debian.org/testing/admin/kernel-patch-acl.html)

Most things in the realm of tighter access control are experimental,
and tend to stay that way for a long time due, probably, to the lack
of cohesion behind the various movements.  But as I mentioned before,
you'll probably want to examine subdomain from Wirex, SELinux, maybe
LIDS, RSBAC, and doubtless there are others, but I'd start with those.

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