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Re: debian-security-announce-$lang@lists?

> I think as a German I'm allowed to say this:
> No English, no security. There will always be bits and pieces
> available
> in English only. Making DSAs available in foreign languages will help
> amateurs without sufficient English skills to keep their systems up
> to date.
It might even help professionals, because although I have no problem 
with understanding english (and even german if required) reading a 
email in the Dutch language is less strenuous.

> For professionals, required reading is debian-security (or whatever
> foo-security list applies to their system), BUGTRAQ, maybe
> full-disclosure if you can stand it ;-), and some other mailing
> lists. 
Agreed, although it's a lot of emails a day if you are on all 3 

Ivo van Dongen

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