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Re: debian-security-announce-$lang@lists?

Em Tue, 13 Aug 2002 21:23:57 +0200, Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> escreveu:

> Hi,


> Establishing localized -announce lists could impose an unacceptable
> delay before the translated advisory gets posted to the localized
> list.  This will probably be the case especially with long
> advisories[2] or when translators are on their holidays or simply too
> busy to maintain the translation properly[3] or if Debian releases a
> couple of advisories on one day[4].

I agree this may be a problem, but I thought about some solutions:

Adding a big DISCLAIMER at the beginning of every message explaining
that the translation is there just for information and that people
who need to care about the security updates of a server should subscribe
to the original debian-security-announce to receive notifications as
soon as possible.

Also, it may be usefull to set up cron jobs to send a special DISCLAIMER
message every week or so. 

"People won't read" is not a good argument, IMO. If they're not going to
read a big DISCLAIMER how are they supposed to care about security or
about the contents of the advisory?


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