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Re: Mail relay attempts

Hi Karl.

Karl Breitner wrote:
What can I say Daniel, except welcome to the harsh reality of a postmaster.

Hmm, as I'm to become a "postmaster" in a few days, too, I would like to learn a bit more about that. Most probably this list is not intended for "chat" like this, so I would be happy to get some hints on where to get more information about that topic (mailing lists, FAQs, and so on).

Welcome to the world of SPAMfighting

I guess this means a lot of "fun" (well, fun at least if you are pervert ;).

Our new server has an official IP since last saturday, and no domain name pointing to it yet besides a dyndns-account I abused for testing purpose. Within these three days of operation I had several persons trying to get access to our (non-public) FTP service as well as some probes for the usual IIS-holes that Nimda & Co. like to abuse. How will that be if we will be publically online and "known" through our regular domains? brrr.... :)

Bye, Mike

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