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Re: Mail relay attempts

Daniel J. Rychlik wrote:

This is great, Just great.  I run a mail server on dsl service
provided by mabell.  I wrote a perl script that mails me some reports
on activities on my server everyday.  I wake up this morning and I
have an alarm.
Obviously, non of these were relayed from my server because there are
only 2 private ip addresses that can use my server to relay mail. But, alas I am bothered by these attempts and I hope that I can snip this in the bud quick.
Any suggestions would be of great importance and taken seriously.
Please advise.


2002-08-26 19:36:11 refused relay (host) to <ddd9080@aol.com> from
<koga@vscan.iquest.net> H=mail.sopovico.pt (eircom.net)
2002-08-26 19:36:12 refused relay (host) to <lucid1@flash.net> from
<koga@vscan.iquest.net> H=mail.sopovico.pt (eircom.net)
2002-08-26 19:36:14 refused relay (host) to <freddy@hhs.net> from
<koga@vscan.iquest.net> H=mail.sopovico.pt (eircom.net)
2002-08-26 19:36:15 refused relay (host) to <efischer@eroom.com> from
<koga@vscan.iquest.net> H=mail.sopovico.pt (eircom.net)

------------------ SNIP -------------------------------

What can I say Daniel, except welcome to the harsh reality of a postmaster.
I'm running a small, some 300 users, mail server for our organization.
I'm having at least a hundred probes a week checking for open eMail relays, even
one korean host trying to relay SPAM. That box is blocked, naturally.

There is nothing to do, except complain to the abuse department of the offenders ISP and hope they deal with the user probing or trying to relay SPAM. Complaining to Korean ISP:s is useless, sorry Koreans on the list, no offence but it's true.

If your attempt is from mail.sopovico.pt, abuse is according to Spamcop: postmaster@sopovico.pt

A check with http://relays.osirusoft.com/ shows this IP beeing listed as a SPAMMER and a SPAM relay on many lists.

Welcome to the world of SPAMfighting

/Ksrl Breitner

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