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Re: Apache Log Files

dont bother, ive been through this, I found i wasted ny time,  25% of the admin
addresses in the /whois bounce, trying to talk to asia whois database about
inaccurate admin contacts for the domains gets me no reply.

While my main problem is korea, yours will be more "local" and while i suppose
many admins in korea wont read english I suspect many wont even look, care or be
able to fix the problem(s)



Matthew Sackman wrote:

> Hi All,
> In apache log files I'm seeing a lot of bogus attacks. Using various
> software I can easily sort out which are Nimda, which are Code Red 1,
> Code Red 2 etc etc, and extract the IPs. That's all fine.
> What I then want to do is to do a whois on the IP, extract the name of
> the person who ownes the IP and their email address and send them a
> suitable email.
> I've cobbled together various scripts and they kinda work, but the
> problem is that the whois record for IPs can be in about a dozen
> different formats, some of which are *very* unhelpful.
> Does anyone know of a simple program that will return info on whois IP
> lookup in a set format?
> Thanks,
> Matthew
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