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Tiger complaints on /home group

Since the author seems to hang out here (actually I think he's
the one who long ago suggested I should join this list) I
thought this might be a good place to ask.

I'm getting lots of complaints from tiger about:

OLD: --WARN-- [acc023w] Login ID XXXXXX's parent directory (/home) has group `staff' write access.

One for every user on every machine. Why is Tiger complaining? This
is the normal set up for Debian, or at least has been for years.

I might also note lots of messages in which Tiger seems to mistake 
the size field for the group field:

OLD: --FAIL-- [acc006w] Login ID nobody's home directory (/tmp) has group `16384' and world write access.

Tiger would be far more useful if we cleared up some of these
false positives by either:

	A) Change Debian to do things in a secure way
	B) Change Tiger to not complain about things that 
	   everyone thinks are not problems.

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