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CryptoAPI: Need beta-testers.


I'm happy to announce out-of-the-box support for CryptoAPI on woody on 
i386. No need to touch source code, nor kernel patches. Just put

	deb http://therapy.endorphin.org/cryptoapi/ ./

into your sources.list and depending on your kernel flavor 

	apt-get install cryptoapi-core-2.4.18-[386|586|586tsc|686...] 
	apt-get install cryptoloop-2.4.18-[386|586|586tsc|686...] 

That's it, no need to reboot. "modprobe cryptoloop" and you're done.

For those that are blessed with a non-i386 architecture or that use self
made kernels, there are - of course - source packages. Same sources.list
line, but

	apt-get install cryptoapi-core-src cryptoloop-src

CryptoAPI depends on the kernel building system, therefor it won't without
the kernel source. After
	make-kpkg binary-arch
	make-kpkg modules_image 

and cryptoapi-core and cryptoloop will be built fitting your kernel version.

Although I have done my best to get this stuff working properly I recommend
that you consider these packages HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL. Do NOT use in
production environment (I'm serious!).

In case you have access to a Debian box running on a non-i386 architecture,
please contact me. For further information on how to use cryptoloop have a
look at http://www.kerneli.org/cryptoapi/howto/

This is not yet an official CryptoAPI release.

Feedback is highly appreciated,

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