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Attachment handling in Mutt

I'm using Mutt 1.4i (2002-05-29) on a sid (debian unstable) box with a
2.4.16 kernel.

Over the past several months, I have been receiving email messages that
(probably) contain various forms of "malware".  In these messages, there
are two attachments: the first is the (DOS/Win) executable, and the
second is a similarly named non-executable.  Both attachments have the
same Content-ID and the same attachment boundary.  For example:

 content-type: application/octet-stream;
 content-transfer-Encoding: base64
 content-id: <UW9x74a4V3fKms37>

 [The base64 encoded attachment]

 content-type: application/octet-stream;
 content-transfer-encoding: base64
 content-id: <UW9x74a4V3fKms37>

 [Another base64 encoded attachment]

Mutt only shows the second attachment (there is no indication that the
message contains the executable).  Since these messages have had DOS/Win
programs, I haven't been too concerned, however, I think that this
could pose a risk if a Linux executable was sent this way.

Is there a way tell Mutt to list all attachments?  If so, why isn't this
the default behaviour?

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