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Re: apt-get in scripts

On Sun, Aug 04, 2002 at 11:50:42PM -0400, John Bazik wrote:
> We set priority=low and frontend=noninteractive and wrap apt-get
> in an expect script, and add the right answers for the packages
> that just won't shut up.  We've been doing this since before most
> packages were debconf'd.  For all debconf'd packages, you can
> set up a database of answers, see debconf(8) and debconf.conf(5).
> We've just started doing that - works nicely.
> John

I've managed to get part of the way there with a line like this in
a cfengine2 "shellcomand" section:

   '/bin/bash -c "DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive /usr/bin/apt-get -qqqqq dist-upgrade"'

Although I'm actually *not* (yet at least) intending to do a full 
upgrade in practice. I've visions of losing a couple dozen machines
across the planet in the time it takes to say "oh shit..."

I'll have to try adding the other ENV var you mention. 
I'm already modifying my debconf config files to some 
extent, so more won't be hard. 

The remaining problems are the questions about whether
to replace existing config files or not. Perhaps the
priority low will shut that up???

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