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current unstable OpenSSH packages.

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Good evening.

I've seen some of the discussion about OpenSSL and it's holes, remote
exploits or whatever. I'm not sure if the thread about it already covers
this but ah well, here goes. After I heard about this I instantly
upgraded my testing-branch OpenSSL packages with unstable's ones. The
versions of all (I think) are 0.9.6e-1 - changelog confirmed that
some remote exploits was fixed, but is still version also known as
vulnerable for some reason or is this "The Fix" to those holes the
discussion has referred to?

I have to admit, I'm sometimes a bit "light-headed" with the news or the
feed of mailing lists and tend to just quickly glance threads. And I
haven't been able to develope the habit of currently following news
about important software and whatnot. So, bear with me if this question
is obvious or it's already been answered. I'll try to be more
independent in future, but I'm sometimes so lost...

Oh, and I'm running Debian testing with some spice of unstable branch.
I've also a tendency to forget to mention important and relevant
information, so if I forgot something please spank me and I'll be glad
to fill in the caps. :-)

Argh, what a rant...

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