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Re: [SECURITY] [DSA-136-1] Multiple OpenSSL problems

On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 06:25:48PM -0500, Paul Baker wrote:

> Yeah it *should* be painless. Unfortuneately, we are using our own 
> compiled apache, mod*, mysql, and a few other things in /usr/local. As 
> part of the upgrade to woody though I want to start using only Debian 
> versions of software. So there is a bit of extra testing/configuring 
> involved to make that work. We also were using our own version of perl 
> 5.6.1 in /usr/local. Want to start using Debian's 5.6.1. This also means 
> that any locally installed CPAN modules will be in the wrong place to 
> work with that perl, so there is further work involved in making sure 
> that all the perl modules we are using get installed from woody, and if 
> not, that we get them from sid, or make them ourselves.

I've found all the CPAN modules I have needed exist in woody, but
sometimes you need to be creative in figuring out the package name to
look for, although 'apt-cache search' helps a lot.  If you can't find a
module you need, the dh-make-perl package automates the process for
packaging a module.

Bob Nielsen

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