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Re: [SECURITY] [DSA-136-1] Multiple OpenSSL problems

On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 12:19:52PM -0500, Paul Baker wrote:
> Is there an ETA yet on potato packages, or should I continue to try and 
> backport the woody packages to my potato machines myself?

Just as an encouragement, the upgrade process from potato to woody is
pretty painless.  I've already done all my public facing machines without
any "real" service downtime, need to reboot, etc.

You'll only encounter issues if you have local compiles of packages, but
you should know where those are.

Taken in stages,
  apt-get install libc6         # do the core libc
  apt-get -u upgrade            # do the easy to determine stuff
  apt-get -u dist-upgrade       # do the rest, you can do these each by
                                # hand too...

Is managable, and won't result (at least in my cases) in any hard down
time.  Yes daemons to stop and restart during the process, so it's best to
do these at during off-peak times.

I've done about 6 machines so far, from firewalls, web, smtp, etc, and
haven't had a single issue yet.

Ted Deppner

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