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Re: CERT advisories

This one time, S?ren Hansen wrote:
> The most recent CERT advisory is about a vulnerability in OpenSSL. At
> the end of the advisory there's a link to RedHat who already has a patch
> ready.. Does anyone know what it would take to let the Debian community
> in the loop? I suppose this might let information out in the open before
> it was intended, but it doesn't seem fair that Debian should lag behind
> because we're an open community, does it?
> Or am I missing something?

You must be missing something.

$ openssl version 
OpenSSL 0.9.6e 30 Jul 2002

$ uname -a
Linux swamp 2.4.17 #1 Fri Feb 22 11:08:36 PST 2002 i686 unknown unknown GNU/Linux

I'm running Woody on my boxes.

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