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Re: Some more port closing questions


From: Ruben Porras <nahoo82@telefonica.net>
Subject: Re: Some more port closing questions
Date: 30 Jul 2002 20:50:42 +0200

> On Tue, 2002-07-30 at 19:09, Crawford Rainwater wrote:
> > Thanks to all on the Portsentry issue I had
> > a week ago.
> > 
> > Along those same lines, I have two ports I cannot
> > figure out (even looking through the LDP) on how
> > to close or shut down their related services.
> > They are as follows:
> > 
> > 111/tcp sunrpc
> > 111/udp sunrpc
> >
> I think you can just unistall portmap to close this two ports. Probably
> you don't need it.

Kind of off-topic here, but I've been wondering for a while [1] whether
the portmap package would be made to not install by default.

Not likely I suppose.

[1] Since before it became its own package actually...I'd been hoping
    it would be made its own package and then not installed by

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