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RE: Iptables not logging

Are you using syslog-ng?  If so, when it gets restarted, klogd also needs to
be restarted.  Looks like there was a bug reported about this -

Not sure when it's going to make it into woody, though.  The simple fix is
to modify your /etc/init.d/syslog-ng script to restart klogd.


> I upgraded to Debian 3.0 (Woody).  Ok, not too bad.  But, now 
> iptables no
> longer logs the messages I was sending to LOG.  Any clues?
> Hint, kern.log was empty also.  I have restarted klogd and 
> then sysklogd.
> There is a little in kern.log now but not much.  During the 
> original boot, I
> thought I saw some messages about modules not loading.  Could 
> not see the
> same messages in the logs.  I have Kernel v 2.4.18.  Do not 
> have ipmasq
> installed.  Was originally running iptables and stuff from 
> Bunk's downloads.
> (Dumped the init.d script that came with this version of 
> iptables, already
> had my script written.)
> Pat Moffitt
> MIS Administrator
> Western Recreational Vehicles, Inc.

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