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Iptables not logging

I upgraded to Debian 3.0 (Woody).  Ok, not too bad.  But, now iptables no
longer logs the messages I was sending to LOG.  Any clues?

Hint, kern.log was empty also.  I have restarted klogd and then sysklogd.
There is a little in kern.log now but not much.  During the original boot, I
thought I saw some messages about modules not loading.  Could not see the
same messages in the logs.  I have Kernel v 2.4.18.  Do not have ipmasq
installed.  Was originally running iptables and stuff from Bunk's downloads.
(Dumped the init.d script that came with this version of iptables, already
had my script written.)

Pat Moffitt
MIS Administrator
Western Recreational Vehicles, Inc.

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