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Re: Can you direct kernel messages?

On Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 06:13:46PM +0700, Jean Christophe ANDR?? wrote:
> Dale Amon ?crivait :
> > Doesn't seem to shut it up. I'm running syslog-ng and I commented out the
> > console destination and am using only a line that logs to vt8. But despite
> > that, even if I kill syslog-ng entirely, I still get grsec and iptables
> > messages on all vt's.
> There is also direct console kernel loging.
> You can reduce by using dmesg (man dmesg => -n option).
> Regards, J.C.

Thanks. That did it. I've been trying to track that
down for months. Never would have thought of dmesg
in a million years.

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