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Re: Re: Your Confirmation Required

ciao martin f krafft,

> could you ***PLEASE STOP*** replying to the originating address of
> such messages or spam???

I have phoned to ALESSANDRO MARTINELLI (+39 06 93953072) from:

whois Italyminutes.it

address:     GRAFYSABRY
address:     CORSO DON MINZONI 21
address:     00045 GENZANO DI ROMA (rm) - ITALIA
phone:       +39 06 93953072
fax-no:      +39 06 93955760

his secretary has said that the server will shut down as soon as
possible and he is non resposible of this spam.

If it will continue to spam I'll phone them this afternoon again.


Paolo Pedaletti, Como, ITALYa     www.fastflow.it/~paolop
paolop@matapp.unimib.it           paped@jabber.org

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