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Re: Didn't we have that whole spam discussion last week?

BYYIYKHLPSRU@spammotel.com writes:

>> Alexander Thoma:
>> > italyminutes.it -> *plonk*
>> > 
>> > Who the f**k is readding the list to this sh*t ?!?!?!?
>> I doubt anyone has readded the list :) It's just a spamming monkey that
>> is spamming several debian lists, how about having some more active
>> blacklist policies for the lists?

Well, some people seem to have problems enough with the mere idea of
reporting spam from/on a mailing list to an appropriate agent, if that's
some indication of how spam-friendly Debian has become of late.

> I think it's abount time for a debian-spam-discussion@lists.debian.org.
> At the moment the topic is discussed on several lists at the same time.

A very good idea.

Not to mention, I get at least 3 bounces for every mail sent on
debian-secure at the moment as well, which seems to be about par for the
course for the past few weeks. 

When it's so hard filtering out real security-related content from noise
(some level of off-topicness is always acceptable) and spam (totally
unacceptable), I really wonder why I bother saying anything at all.


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