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Re: More (more) SSH Fun (X11 forwarding)

On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 09:52:19AM +0200, Jan Niehusmann wrote:
> Another possible solution would be:
> ssh -L 2000:remotehost:22 firewall
> and then, again on the local machine:
> ssh -X -p 2000 localhost
> This way, you have a direct ssh connection between both computers
> involved in X forwarding, and the firewall doesn't need (parts of)
> an X installation.

Thanks!  I'll have to try out that method also.  I did, however, get
everything setup to do what I wanted it to...

At work, we're behind a firewall, and can only access the internet thru
a proxy server.  I cannot therefore connect normally to my home network
using ssh.  I found a perl script on the web (ssh-tunnel.pl) that allows
one to tunnel ssh thru ssl, which _will_ pass thru the proxy server.  I
only had to setup another instance of sshd at home to listen on port
443, and I was then able to connect.  I can now "ssh" thru the proxy
server to my home firewall/router, and then "ssh" from there into my
desktop machine which resides behind the firewall.  I was able to
forward X over the ssh connection...it was pretty cool to run X
applications on my home machine from the work machine (I know that this
is probably "old hat" to many of you, but I felt a sense of accomplishment 
managing to do it thru two firewalls and a proxy server).  :-)

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