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More (more) SSH Fun (X11 forwarding)

I have a related question.  I have no trouble using X11 forwarding from
within my LAN, but how do I punch thru my firewall using ssh?  Here's my

a = firewall/router running potato
b = desktop running woody
c = laptop running woody

If the laptop (c) is connected directly to my LAN (either wired or
wireless), I can "ssh -X b" and connect to the desktop (b) computer and
run programs under X.  If I'm at work (therefore outside the firewall),
and want to connect to the desktop computer, I can "ssh a", and after
logging in to the firewall I can "ssh b" and read my mail using mutt,
but I cannot run program under X (adding the -X switch doesn't work).

How do I connect to the desktop computer _thru_ the firewall and use X11
forwarding?  Do I have to setup ssh port forwarding on the firewall?  Do
I have to setup some other VPN software?  Is there a howto anywhere that
will guide me?


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