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Re: Good Day

"Noah L. Meyerhans" <frodo@morgul.net> writes:

> I don't agree with the policy of rejecting mail due to a lack of a
> reverse DNS entry. However, rfc-ignorant.org runs several nice
> blacklists, including ip-whois, which I subscribe to. This blacklist
> contains netblocks for which no valid whois information exists. So, for
> example, if your netblock whois (at whois.arin.net or whois.apnic.net or
> whatever) contains information that is not useful for contacting the
> netblock administrator, you'll be listed and I'll reject your mail. I
> believe this to be a much better policy than simply rejecting all mail
> received from a host with no PTR.

Given that rfc-ignorant lists *.uk for not having contact info, would you
like to refine that to `shite idea'?

> Some of the other blacklists at rfc-ignorant.org are nice as well. The
> postmaster blacklist contains domains that don't have a working
> postmaster alias.

That's more like it, although why penalise the sender because of the
domain? Not everyone always uses a personal domain for their mail...

More to the point, spamassassin already contains a test for MX records for
the From: field; I like that one.


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