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Re: Good Day

On Mon, Jul 01, 2002 at 09:55:57PM -0700, Rafael wrote:
> Assuming the spam came from it would be very easy to reject 
> it based on the fact that there is no RR in DNS for that IP.

I don't agree with the policy of rejecting mail due to a lack of a
reverse DNS entry.  However, rfc-ignorant.org runs several nice
blacklists, including ip-whois, which I subscribe to.  This blacklist
contains netblocks for which no valid whois information exists.  So, for
example, if your netblock whois (at whois.arin.net or whois.apnic.net or
whatever) contains information that is not useful for contacting the
netblock administrator, you'll be listed and I'll reject your mail.  I
believe this to be a much better policy than simply rejecting all mail
received from a host with no PTR.

Some of the other blacklists at rfc-ignorant.org are nice as well.  The
postmaster blacklist contains domains that don't have a working
postmaster alias.


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