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Re: Good Day

On Tue, Jul 02, 2002 at 03:01:40PM +1000, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> Rafael said:
> I believe that it's an intentional policy not to reject anything on the
> grounds that it _may_ be a valid poster, and guilty because of some minor
> configuration error should not mean automated lockout.
> > Email should never be accepted from poorly (or intensionaly baddly)
> setup
> > servers that do not follow RFCs.
> I have a /28 at work, small enough that I don't get the run reverse DNS
> myself, the ISP provides it.  If I want to make changes, I fax them a
> list of hostnames and IPs, and they update it.  Sometimes they even
> remember to increment the serial number.  Occasionally they decide to
> blow away a section of the zone file because someone made a mistake.
> Should all my email be refused by offsite servers while my ISP is
> being stupid?  Even though it's otherwise correctly formed?  I don't
> think so.  Liberal in what you accept is the catch phrase here.

My ISP (Raw Bandwith, Silicon Valley) provides one of the best DSL
services I can think of. They setup their servers to be secondary to my
server(s) and that takes care of config issues.

Yeah, liberal, it let's all bastards run their spam through our nets with
impunity. My policy is, no RRs, no email. Either use ISP with correct
setup to handle your email or provide your own. I compare it to a highway.  
You cannot go there with bicycles, horse buggys or tractors. Can't please 
everybody. This is more harm to those with slow connections since their 
lines get tied up with downloading useless crap.

Being new to this (and other) debian mailing lists I don't want to force
my views on others but the high volume of spam from the mailing lists is 
annoying when it could be prevented.

> Bron.


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