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Re: More SSH Fun (X11 forwarding)

* Vineet Kumar (debian-security@virtual.doorstop.net) [020701 16:51]:
> So anyway, here's a basic rundown of things to double-check:

Add to this list that "UseLogin" is set to no (its default) and
X11UseLocalhost is set to yes (its default) on the server.

> I'm about to review the thread one more time to see if you've posted any
> "ssh -v" or "sshd -d" outputs that may provide additional insight. If it
> continues to fail, those may be useful for us to diagnose the problem.

I didn't find any such output posted. I'd recommend trying to start the
server with -d and running the client with -v to see if there's an error
message that can help you figure out what the problem is. If you can't
tell by looking at the output yourself, post them here and we'll have a

good times,
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