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Re: Apache Chunked Encoding attack

Bjarne Østby <bjarne@system.paintbox.no> writes:

>From the help file of the scanner: 
> 	How It Works 
> 	The Retina Apache Chunked Scanner detects Apache servers which
> 	can be compromised by the Apache Chunked Encoding
> 	vulnerability . The scanner works by attempting to sending a
> 	small request that makes a vulnerable server to become
> 	unresponsive. As usually Apache runs with more than 1 process,
> 	there would be no down time while the test is performed.
> This indicates that is actually trys the exploit and not just check
> the version number of the apache server.  Should I worry?

Two possibilities: The documentation refers to a previous version of
the scanner, or you forgot to restart Apache after installing the

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