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Re: Bug #149436 (was: `SSH log weirdness')

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Bonner <jeff@integralogic.com> writes:

    Jeff> Christian Kurz was kind enough to file a bug report for me,
    Jeff> at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=149436,
    Jeff> which describes this problem.

    Jeff> There is already a response to this report, and the
    Jeff> maintainer (I think?) is asking for confirmation, because he
    Jeff> isn't seeing the same errors.  I assume it's okay with
    Jeff> everyone involved, so I have put together a list of those of
    Jeff> us for whom commenting out "noenv" has fixed the problem:

O, I can easily believe that noenv gets you this error; I'll look at
fixing.  Christian's original bug report implied that you could also
get rid of the error by commenting out pam_env.so.  That seems
unlikely to me.

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