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Re: ipchains rules for dmz??

I think you should upgrade to 2.4.x, netfilter really is clean.
Even if some parts of 2.4.x are critisized (or were, like the VM..),
the whole netfilter part really is beautiful.. ipchains is a bunch of
hacks glued together to provide all the functionnalities you need.
Netfilter, on the other side, is built on top of a solid basis.

If you want to upgrade to 2.4.x, I suggest you to try the latest one
USB support is nice, the VM problems are (partly ?) solved, and it works
correctly. It also supports ext3 that you should upgrade to if you choose
to upgrade, btw.
I couldn't compare it to 2.2.20 however (I upgraded to 2.4.x before being
to really test the 2.2.x branch.. ;-), but people will probably tell you
2.2.20 is more
stable... Personally, I haven't had any problem with 2.4, except concerning
my SCSI card (which screws up with any version of linux, anyways.. Tekram

Concerning security issues, I think it's OK, but I also heard that because
of the DMCA,
changelogs and some security issues are censored, so..... could anyone
confirm ?


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