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Re: ipchains rules for dmz??

I looked into shorewall. It doesn't support ipchains, but seawall does.
Would you suggest updating to iptables or using seawall?

Do you think that Linux 2.4.x is stable yet? If so, which version?

I believe that ipchains can do the job and that linux 2.2.20 is stable. I
don't have experience in 2.4.x kernels yet, but am willing to look into
it if people think that it's as stable as 2.2.20.

Are there any security issues with the currentversion of ipchains that is
addressed with iptables (I don't mean iptables features like stateful
packet filtering -- I mean security vulnerabilities)

On Wed, 29 May 2002, Sami Dalouche wrote:

> > Howabout installing shorewall? (www.shorewall.net) the best iptables
> script i have ever seen.
> It's not only the best iptables script you've ever seen, but it's also a
> nice high-level configuration tool for everything
> concerning firewalling.. Traffic Shaping, IPSec...
> Sam

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