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Re: Secure/hardened/minimal Debian (or "Why is the base system the way it is?")

I suppose since my install is so small this would be possible (just create
a bootable floppy that runs a script which uses dd to dump to the disk). 

The problem I have now is that Ghost 2002 does not image ext3 correctly
(so after imaging, I have to convert the filesystems to ext3 again).
Supposedly this is fixed in their corporate version, but we don't quite
need that large-scale of a solution yet either.


At 23:01 on May 19, Rishi L Khan combined all the right letters to say:

> > (we are also not releasing *too* many of these yet, when we do the Ghost
> > licensing fees might be higher than is justified).
> when Ghost is prohibitive, consider using "dd", the standard unix disk
> dump tool.

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