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Ncurses - warning off topic

 - this is not the list for these kind of questions, but i will giv it
a try.

What is the full name of the libncurses you need to install in order to
use "make menuconfig". i have run "apt-get install ncurses*" and non of
them works - i still get "You need to have Ncurses installed" when trying

Runing woody and kernel 2.4.18.


Mvh./Yours sincerely


Lars Roland Kristiansen 		|           (__) 
Stu. Sci. Math/Computer science		|           (oo) 
Copenhagen University -			|     /------\/ < MUH MUHHH 
Institute for Mathematical Sciences	|    / |    ||   
Url: www.math.ku.dk			|   *  /\---/\ 
Email: m00lrk@math.ku.dk		|      ~~   ~~   

   "Politics is for the moment, equations are forever"
                                                    - Albert Einstein

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