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Problems with wireless cards ...

Hello all.

I want to install Wireless card in my Linux.
This is a pcmcia card which is being inserted into PCI adapter.

I have two complets of cards:
2x Planet WL8300 Pci adapter + PCMCIA 3550
(((see www page : http://www.planet-taiwan.com/product/CATALOG/WireFree.htm ))


2x Avaya Adapter + PCMCIA
(ups I forgot model - I have it at work - but this is probably not
(((www page: http://www.veracomp.pl/pokaz_ceny_test.php?f_szukaj=AVAYA&f_kategoria=c_producent&f_pokaz_rodzina[]=Avaya%20Wireless%20infrastruktura%20sieci%20wireless )))


What's option is recommended to install this card (in kernel config) ?
How with secure connections ?

Any experience and idea ?

Marcin Bednarz.

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