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Re: Putty 0.45 vs. SSH Login

Hi there!

On Sun, 2002-05-05 at 13:36, Michal Melewski wrote:

> I forget where, but i saw an option "delay after bad login/passwd".
> It's usually set on 3 sec. So after typing a bad passwd, you have 3 sec break,
> and after passing a good password, you are allowed to enter by passwd, but ssh
> kick you out at once, without any pause :))
> (of course when logging as root)

It's defined in /etc/login.defs (at least in sid)

# Delay in seconds before being allowed another attempt after a login
FAIL_DELAY              3

This is the default and normal behaviour, and this is the normal for
terminal logins also.

	Zsolt Babak
	Technical University of Budapest
	Faculty of Technical Informatics

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