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Re: Help

Quoting Ian Cumming (ian@ids.org.au):
> Secondly, with response to the original post, I think that there is an
> unjustified level of paranoia by the network admin. High school children
> are at best going to be script kiddies. Secondly, your school should
> have an ethics agreement between the children and the school (signed by
> parents) binding the users to a legal agreement of use.

All of us have probably seen mailing list and usenet signatures that are
obfuscated fork bombs, and take a box down when stupidly and unknowingly
pasted on a bash prompt. I don't see why protection from that would be a bad
Similar are cgi scripts that take webservers down, coding mistakes, and
I know these are mostly stupid reasons, and the perp can be expelled or
taught a lesson; still there is no reason at all to not take measures to
lessen the implication stupid users can have on a system.

> With that in place, I'd like to see how many of your students dare try
> anything on your computers knowing that they can be expelled for
> breaching the agreement.

A university/college environment (at least those i've seen) tends to be very
open and insecure. Measures against students who say 'they really didn't
mean to' tend to be soft. Paper or spoken or social agreements are on a
different level than technical measurements.

> Lastly, install bsd process accounting and inform students that all their
> actions are being logged.

A different discussion entirely, but i wouldn't go for that.

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