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Recently a friend of mine was kind enough to hit refresh 700 times after
requesting a depth 5 recursive validation from the validator on my web
server. It's load levels went to above 150, hehe. Took me a couple of
minutes to log in, and a couple to su to root, and more than 5 minutes
to get the "killall validate.cgi" command executed. Quite amazing that
the machine survived it all. GNU/Linux rules! ;)

Now I realise the time has come for me to set up some ulimits. I have
some queries about the workings of /etc/security/ and /etc/pam.d/. If I
set up limits in /etc/security/limits.conf, this will only apply to
pam-enabled services with pam_limits.so in the corresponding file in
/etc/pam.d/ ? Or does "login" cover everything?

I see the following in pam.d/kde:

password   required     pam_unix.so nullok obscure min=4 max=8 md5

What is the effect of this? I wanted to make my passwords 6 to 12, so I
editted pam.d/login, is it necessary to e.g. edit the kde one too? 
(Everything appears to work well.)

How would I give apache some ulimits, so that it doesn't spawn too many
validators, or eat too much ram? (To me it doesn't look like simply
editting /etc/security/limits.conf will work "out of the box" ?)

Hugo van der Merwe

ps: please CC. (busy week)

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