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Re: hosts deny, alow

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002 at 22:10:38 +0700, aku@ns1.cyberkodok.web.id wrote:
> I am new user debian linux,
> 1. i try to configure in hosts.deny :
> and try in hosts.allow :
> ALL : 202.xxx.xxx.xx1, 202.xxx.xxx.xx2
> But when i try from 202.xxx.xxx.xx1 and 202.xxx.xxx.xx2 the message
> is Connection closed by remote host.
> how to configure in close all and allow from
> that ip?

First of all check that your tcpd configuration is formally correct:
use tcpdchk (see the manual).
Then use tcpdmatch (as above) to make sure how tcpd is going to handle
connections to particular daemons from particular addresses.

> 2. I try to close port 111 in services and give # on port sunrpc
>   111/tcp, and inetd but
> allways be open.

Don't edit services to achieve this.
It depends on version of Debian so I'm not sure which way is the best in
your case but uninstall portmap or 
'/etc/init.d/portmap stop' and edit this file so that it exits before
starting the service (it may be not the most "debianish" way but it acts
as a workaround).

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