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Re: Securing bind..

The way to avoid this kind of threads over and over again is to *document*
them. I find that there are quite a number of people willing to answer emails in the
list but not willing to take some time and *write* about it.

Ok, here's my (standard) suggestion:
Make a system of anotations to the manual. Thous, it's possible to just cut-n-paste the different mails into the manual and thus make something that different people can contribute to without setting up docbook ++++. F.x. in such a situation it's quite for the person who asked the question to update the docs without commiting to writing _the_ authorative work on securing bind.

I usually try to contribute the knowledge I get from maillinglists to faq's and comments if it's easy to do so, f.x to contribute comments to php.

Would it be possible to add this?


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