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Re: Securing bind..

also sprach P Prince <princep@charter.net> [2001.12.30.1846 +0100]:
> The eaisest and most failsafe way to secure bind is to install djbdns.

you are kidding me, right? the question was how to secure bind. the
asker wasn't in need of other religious beliefs.

while i strongly believe that djb is a real pain and a man with many
problems, his software is good. despite the license. and despite the
configuration. qmail or djbdns, i find configuring postfix and bind9 to
be a lot more straight forward than using djb's paradigm of touched

but more importantly, if the question was how to secure bind, then let's
not secure it by substituting... bind is still the #1 nameserver, and a
thread like this (even though argued a million times) can be quite

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