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Re: Re[2]: protection against buffer overflows

On Jan 23, linux-dude@anscheinend.net wrote:
> it indeed sounds VERY interesting (not only to me) :-)
> although I never dealt with special kernel modifications.
> But I'll give it a go..can anyone recommend any other
> kernel security patch sites? ..would be great!
the only thing you need to bear in mind is that all requests on non-open 
ports will timeout.  Now this is exactly what you want, except for the ident 
service.  Why you ask, everytime you send an e-mail an ident request is made 
to your machine which normally fails saying connection refused or something.  
With the stealth patch this will time out, every e-mail will take at least 30 
seconds to send before it actually even leaves your machine.

This is solved by the 'nullident' server.  This is the only problem I had.


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