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Re: allowing users to change passwords

Why bother having them go through the hassle of loading an applet which
might not work ( not that Ive ever seen it not work ).

If they are using mindterm, then they are already in a browser, which
means you might as well just have them use a form via ssl to change their
password via poppassd.

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, martin f krafft wrote:

> i need to provide a way for my users to change their password on my
> machines. however, most of them are too stupid for the console. so i
> played with poppassd, and it might end up being my option, but today i
> had another idea. so without having given it much though, i'll ask you:
> what would speak against setting the user's login shell to
> /usr/bin/passwd? it's SSH2-only, and with MindTerm as a java applet, i
> could even ask them to connect, login with their password, type their
> password again, then specify the new one twice. that shouldn't be a
> problem, right? or is it absolutely bad in terms of security?
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