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RE: Mailserver HDD organization

> I know, I know, use what you feel comfortable with, but how comfortable
> are you guys with Exim?

I use Exim here for a low throughput small office mail server, grabbing
aliases from LDAP. I'm very happy with it - the documentation is extensive,
and the configuration is a doddle. The Exim user mailing list is pretty good
too; Philip Hazel, the software's author is (was - it's a while since I was
subscribed) a regular contributor and has written an O'Reilly book on Exim
as well as running Exim workshops from time-to-time at Cambridge University.

I know that some large ISP's in the UK do use Exim: BTOpenworld off the top
of my head have > 1 million users and use exim.

Hope this helps a little.


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