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Re: Mailserver HDD organization

Though I have supported Sendmail in Big-Iron environments, I am now using the Default Debian Exim to serve mail. I have been happy with Exim and it has served me reliably. Yet I don't often hear its name used as an alternative to Sendmail. Usually I hear Postfix or Qmail. Though I have used all of the MTAs I am referring to, I would like some quantitative and qualitative feedback. IE, 'I use Exim to serve 3000 people on a measly 486' or 'I used Exim and was cracked open before I could say Postfix' or 'Exim behaves like a lobatamized turtle.'

I know, I know, use what you feel comfortable with, but how comfortable are you guys with Exim?
-A. Dave

vdongen wrote:

I don't think the choice of MTA is relevant to the HDD organisation.
I use both Postfix and Qmail and they both work fine.

The only thing you have to realize is when you use Qmail with maildir, you really need a large /home partition.


dudes@doc:~$ apt-cache show clue
Package: clue
Priority: optional

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On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 11:04:45PM +0100, kuepper@in-secure.dyn.ee

please use qmail, its really the securest MTA you can get.

please use postfix, since it's as secure as qmail and has a better

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