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Help with Firewall section in the Debian Security Manual

I would appreciate it somebody volunteered to write a "firewalling in Debian GNU/Linux"
section for the "Debian Security HOWTO". I have just commited to the CVS server (should
be readable in the web tomorrow) a small section regarding it but there's a lot of room
for improvement.

Can anyone volunteer? I would like:

- a section host-oriented on how to setup firewall rules as a "last line of defense"
(that's the one I have started writting) talking, basicly, on Debian-specific issues
(tools available, which ones to use?).

- a *chapter* (server-oriented) on how to setup a firewall using Debian GNU/Linux.
Regarding: firewall setup, administration, logging, detection of alarms... One
very useful section would setting up a proxy-level firewall (using software available
in Debian).

Both should point to other sites regarding general info (what a firewall is? what does
netfilter do?) and not reproduce it (terrible waste of time and difficult to maintain
up to date).


	Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña

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